RFID EM4100 Emulator

// April 20th, 2012 // Hardware

This is simple hobby project that will show you easy, simple and fast way of emulating the popular RFID access cards EM4100.
My implementation uses manchester encoding for thansmitting the emulated card ID. The MCU I’m using is PIC18F2550.

The Antenna design:
Diameter D 43mm
NUmber of turns N 48
Wire Diameter W 0.18mm
Turn spacing S 0mm

So the target inductance is 160uH. This is the schematics:

You can download the code from here. The final prototype is having 8 buttons which are used to switch between the currently emulated card.

The device supports 8 cards so far, which are programmed into the chip memory using standard Pic Kit 2 programmer.

This is how it looks:

The problem I’m having so far is that some readers are unable to read the card because they are expecing PSK coding.
Any help on modifying the code to support PSK coding will be aprischiated.

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