This page contains most of my work for my professional career so far.
Some of the projects are done many many years ago and some of them could be missing, obsolete or replaced.

Slot games
I've been part of slots team in Italy, Rome and had the chance to create 2 casino slot games: Lucky Count and Wild Panda
Tech: Flash ActionScript 3, Node.js, javascript, GIT
Mobi Mark
Mobi Mark is web platform for online SMS marketing. The main idea is that users accumulate subscribers by their campaigns and then they can spam the subscribers with new promotions, offers, etc.. They can send bulk SMS to many people, track their capmaigns, see reports, graphs and much much more. The platform has huge backend panel where administrator can track and see what is going on and control everything and much more.

The site has also Serbian version, Makedonian version and Romanian version
Tech: PHP 5, MySQL 5, JS, XHTML/CSS, jQuery, Google Charts, ..
This is mobile application for Android devices and iPhone, iPad devices. It is mobile version of the popular game Bridge-Belot which is available in Google Play, Apple Store and also as desktop game in
The game is multiplayer, but can be played against robots too. It is optimized for tablets and supports reorientation (when device is rotated).
Tech: Flex+Adobe AIR+Java (server side)
Mobile "Scrabble" game
This is my first and very successful Adobe AIR mobile application for Android and iPhone. So far it has over 10000 downloads from google play and will soon be uploaded to Apple store. It is mobile version of my successful game: Skrabyl (like Scrabble). It is fully touch screen interactable multiplayer game and connects to same server like the desktop version (so one player from desktop PC can play against another player from smartphone). I also released English version of the game called: Happy Words (and can be found in google play)
Technology: Adobe AIR 3 + Flex 4.6
Real time multiplayer game framework
You can create Flash and html5 multiplayer games fast and easy using my Java based LAN framework. Your game can run in desktop computer and also in any mobile device (iPad, iPhone, android phone, etc..). Using LAN framework you will take care of ONLY writing your game logic. Everything else (such as: lobby game schedule, connections, threads, synchronization, tables and much more) is supported by the framework so you don't have to spend additional time writing it....
Some of the build-in features are:
-Playing in multiple tables at same time
-"Quick seat" module
-Lobby individual tables
-Broken game support
-Game watchers support
-"Auto answer" timers
-Artificial Intelligence support
-Full logging support
-Full control and customizations of the game
Server technologies: Java, MySQL
Client technologies: JavaScript, Flash/Flex
Please read more HERE
This is extended version of backgammon game, which supports all 4 types of game: regular, chelebi, tapa and gulbara. It is also multiplayer and I also wrote good AI robot player , so people can play against other people or against robots
Client technology: Flex 4.5
Server technology: Java + my LAN multiplayer game framework
3D Chess game
3D Chess is regular chess game but present in 3D interface. It is also multiplayer. Players can switch between 3D and 2D interface and can also rotate the board in all angles, when in 3D mode. It uses open source AI for the robot players. People can also play against other people
Tech: Flex framework 4.5, Alternativa 3D engine, Java game server using my LAN multiplayer game framework
Poker (Holdem, Omaha)
This is regular implementation of the popular poker games Texas Holdem and Omaha. It is multiplayer game part of my multiplayer games portal: It is made using Adobe Flex 4.5 , Cairngorm 2.2 and Java (for the server and AI)
Petits Chevaux
Petits Chevaux is multiplayer game that could be played by 2, 3 or 4 people. It has also AI to play agains.
Technologies used to build it: Adobe Flex SDK 4.5, Cairngorm framework and JAVA (for the server and AI)
This is fun web application made so you upload picture of you and put meme on your face (and your friends faces). You can create funny pictures this way and even tell a story. The site has flex generator in which you position the meme face, resize, add text rotate, etc..
The site is made using: xhtml, css 3, JS, flex, xml
Legal Deposition Pod
This is another Adobe Connect Pod (plugin) which main purpose is to enable online legal text deposition. It has many features like question/answer highlighting, search, page/line jumpings, font/color themes/options, different views (modern style and legal style), etc..
Tech: Flex 3.5, Cairngorm 2
Belot (Bridge-Belot)
This is another game that is part of my online multiplayer game portal. It is standard implementation of the popular game "Bridge-Belot". All the rules, bidding, gameplay..scores.. is implemented. There is also simple AI support (which is about to be improved)
Tech: Flex 4, Java
Closed Captioning Pod
This is a plugin to the popular Web Conferencing Software (WCS) "Adobe Connect". It allows users in the meeting to read synchronized stream text from external providers like streamtext, caption colorado, etc..It has many features like: -animations, go back, go forward, font options, themes, etc..
Tech: Flex 3.5, Cairngorm 2
Dama game (Nine Mens Morris)
This is another game part of my online multiplayer game portal. It is standard implementation of the popular game "Nine Mens Morris". It has also AI support
Tech: Flex 4, Java
Archive Model
This is web page frond end flex application that is ment for students to browse and sign up for university courses. It provides many functionalities like: -grouping, filtering, browse courses in calendar, request archive courses, etc..
Tech: Flex 4.5, ColdFusion 9, Cairngorm 2
NFL fantasy team prototype
This is prototype application for NFL. The main idea is that players select players from their team and form team picture that then can be downloaded and set as desktop background. There is dragging functionality, layout creator algorithm, coach resize handles, different backgrounds support, etc.. You can click on project title to see it
Tech: Flex 4
This is first Bulgarian online scrabble game.It is huge multiplayer game based on JAVA server which is using my own JAVA framework for rapid development of online multiplayer games. The idea in this game is to construct words connected to existing words in the board. You can swap letters, use 2 bags of letters (in some game types), use joker letters, replace jokers, use dictionary and so on.
Tech: Flex/Flash, Java, PHP, MySQL, XML, Apache Mina, ...
BOEING Student Management System
This is huge flex based students CMS. It has a long list of features for controlling enrollments, students, courses, certificates, requests, managing homeworks, assigning tasks, etc..My part of this project was to improve the existing unfinished application and add many features to it.
Tech: Flex 4, Cold Fusion 9, Cairngorm 2
Oreilly Student Management System
The project was initially build by other developer, but was unfinished. My task was to finish it, relase it for public use and implement many new funcionalities. The project is basically administration system for managing Oreilly students, courses, reports, enrollments, etc..
Tech: Flex 4, Cold Fusion 9, Cairngorm 2
Quizmaster game
This is huge multiplayer game based on JAVA server which is using my own JAVA framework for rapid development of online multiplayer games. The idea in this game is that players conquer lands in europe map. The conquer is made with answering questions of different type/category. There are text/image/audio or video questions. The game is separated in 2 stages: spread and attack. There are different types of attacking and spreading stages. Also the game has huge database of 16 000 questions in many categories. For more info please check the title link
Tech: Flex/Flash, Java, PHP, MySQL, XML, Apache Mina, ...
Arabic Q & A Chat Pod
This is another Adobe Connect Pod written by me. The main idea here is to enable right to left (RTL Arabic) chat communication in adobe connect. The build in chat in Adobe Connect does not support RTL, so we did extension that supports it.
Tech: Adobe Flex 4, Adobe AIR, Adobe Connect API, Cairngorm 2
RFID Destroyer
This is very simple device which main purpose is to destroy RFID access cards. It uses camera flash board for generating current ~300V and simple antenna for transmiting the current over the card and destroy it that way. If you want to see more details on this project - please click the title and check it out in my blog (find laptop)
This is one of my hobby projects that I did with one main purpose - to unify all sites for notebooks/laptops and to provide one global search engine that searches through all the laptop sites in the Bulgarian market. There is parsing involved. Currently 4 main Bulgarian sites are supported, but the site supports easy adding of many other sites with simple adding site xml description file. Also there is filters, brand groupings, etc..
Tech: PHP, MySQL, XML, Flex 3.5
RFID EM4100 Emulator
This is simple hobby project that will show you easy, simple and fast way of emulating the popular RFID access cards EM4100. It uses coded by me PIC microcontroller which emulates most popular access cards (EM4100). Click on the title to see the full project description in my blog.
Tech: Embed C
Aglaia Viewer
This is online viewer application for listing pdf files.It is made with Cairngorm and flex 3 frameworks. There is a lot of interactive functionality as: real time search, full screen, slide show, audio, video and animations support and much more...
FlashPoker is Client/Server flash poker web application which was developed by me and 4 more people (poker team). It is one of the best on-line poker applications in the world. The biggest project I've ever been involved. It contains more than 1300 classes accumulated into 7 mb pure code without any binaryes (only the client). You can play Cash Tables, Sit 'n' Go tournaments, Satelites, Play money. It supports Limit/NoLilit/PotLimit Holdem, Omaha, OmahaHiLo games. This poker has much more functionalities. Easy skinable and hi dynamic. It uses Java servers to connect to via Sockets, Oracle database and PHP Backend. We have many licensees as: TitanPoker, Paddy Power, bet365 and more..
Tech: Action Script 3, Java Script, Java, Oracle, PHP, XML, Swing lib for AS3, CSS, E4X and more..
This is simple application which connects to any (echo) server via socket connection. The user must specify port also. It is designed for connectiong to echo servers but works with any socket server. It requires server socket policy xml file to establish the connection. After successfull connect, you can send messages to the server and get response from it.
Tech: Flex, Actionscript 3.0, XML, CSS
Isometric Game
Isometric Game is one of the most biggest projects in my portfolio.
It is 3D Isometric game written with Object Oriented Programming in Action Script 3 . Easily can be added more maps, creatured, heroes, walls and much more... It is using XML for structures files. You have power game tools like: pathfinding, map preview, map scroll, 8 direction creatures and much more..
This game also have a map editor (created by me). You can easily create many maps and import them into game. Encrypting map files is supported.
Tech: Adobe Flash, Action Script 3, XML.
FlashDevelop Customizer
This is tool for editing color highlighting of Flash Develop the editor. Because in Flash Develop you can not change the highlighting, this tool make it possible. Tech: Adobe Flash, Action Script 3, Adobe AIR, XML.
Mathematics 2
Software package for children for second class year. It contains 15 games with Admin panel. Tech: Flash - Action Script, Macromedia Director, XML, Visual Basic, Photoshop,...
This is standart Tetris game. My tetris is writen in Flex (Action Script 3 OOP and MXML)
Each figure can be rotated, there are 3 types of difficulty. Timer and score counters are available. The user can see next figure, also pause game - continue game is available and background music :)
Isometric Map Editor
Very powerfull isometric map editor fully integrated with my Isometric Game, who can easily create dynamic isometric maps with different tile sizes, different backgrounds... The editor automatically is scan creatures and object folder for new game elements. Also you can save all your work into binary project file(.map). Exporting map file with encryption is available also. Also - Keyboard shortcuts for easy work, draggable objects and characters and much much more...
Tech: Adobe Flash, Action Script 3, Adobe AIR, XML.
PIN Generator
PIN Generator (Personal Identification Number) is a small application which by entered birth date is generating all VALID PIN combinations and save them in external text file. Tech: C++ and MFC
Vidizer is a system for video conversations.
Also this is online system for making and nrecording interactive interviews.
Each registered user can log-in, record own interviews and share them.
It uses Flash Media Server 2 to transfer streams.
There are many modules like:
-Studio (or rooms)
-Interview module
-Record module
-Invite Guests module
-Multi language support module
-View & Share module
-Membership module

There are 3 types of membership:
-Standart (100mb disk space)
-Silver (1gb disk space)
-Gold (10gb disk space)

Used technologies:
-Adobe Flash 9 (AS)
-Flash Media Server 2
-Java Script
Flash Bubble Menu
This is interactive flash menu, which uses flash 8 shadows, glow effects and much more..
Tech: Flash 8
.NET Explorer
This is Univercity Final Project for Microsoft's official course "Windows Forms Technologies with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and .NET Framwork 2.0" created by me, which demonstrates retreeving an information from MS SQL Database (data binding..), creating Table Relations, using VS 2005 controls and components (ToolStrip, MenuItem, StatusStrip, DataGridView, ComboBox, SplitContainer, TreeView, ContextMenuStrip..), Updating information, Load DataBase hierarchy to TreeView, Using Threads, and Microsoft's Database: AdwentureWorks
Tech: .NET C#, MS SQL
News System
"News System" is a PHP System with CMS for displaying news with session based login system (user & admin). Contains validated XHTML Strict, Only DIV tags and no tables. Made is full content manage from admin. Also is available comments posting, register users and more...
Clever Peter
Software package for children. It contains 10 games and 2 animations by the story. Tech: Flash - Action Script, Macromedia Director, Photoshop, CorelDraw...
Nu Attitude
Nuattitude is a Web Development company which builds web sites for many companies.
Tech: XHTML, CSS, PHP, PHP Smarty..
This is online education for Windows XP. This contains very much lesson for winwos XP. Some of them are Video or Flash Lessons, other are html lessons. Available are tests.
Tech: Macromedia Flash, XHTML, JS, XML...
This is web site of estonyan big company named 'Viitar'
You can see Flash Site which also has a CMS system, based on PHP, PHP Smarty and My SQL
Tech: Adobe Flash, XML, XHTML, PHP, MySQL, PHP Smarty..
SearchBoth is a search engine, which searches Google and Yahoo both. It uses separate frames, which dislpays search results in Google and Yahoo. My work on this project was to fix all encoding problems with all languages, make web site dynamic, clean some php bugs, change a little bit the structure and etc..
Site for my education products.
-Grandpa and turnip
-The Wheat Cake
- Mathematics
-History education
-Windows XP Simulation
Tech: PHP, mySQL, Adobe Photoshop, CSS, XHTML Strict and more..
Cheetos game
Cheetos is a game in which you must catch the falling tokens using the arrow keys. You have 3 lives and 3 levels of the game
Tech: Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop..
CSS Reader

This is application which can control each css file.You can simple view file, or modify it.
Tech: Flash, AS, MDM Zinc

Windows XP Simulation
This is software for help learning Windows XP, by using Video Lessons, Simulation environment, tests and more...It contains over 50 video lessons, tests with over 150 questions and more...
Tech: Macromedia Flash 8, MDM Zinc, XML, XHTML, Macromedia Captivate...
CRM is site which present CRM Software company
The presented software is CMS system named: Nu Attitude
Tech: PHP, PHP Smarty, MySQL.
ESTCONDE is estonian major building company.
This is Flash Site which also has a CMS system based on PHP and My SQL
The communication between Flash Site and CMS system is XML.
Tech: Flash, PHP, XML, MySQL, PHP Smarty...
Windows Master Volume
Simple tool to adjust your windows master volume. This tool has a longest bar, so adjustmen can be more precise. Also is available mute and speed ajdust and slow adjust option for fast and slow volume adjust. Switching between two modes is with left and right arrow. Tech: Macromedia Flash 8, MDM Zinc 2.5 is a political organization site, which is very complex, because has a multi-language support, search engine, user login, dynamic galleryes, Java Script menu and all of this site content is dynamic..
Tech: PHP, MySQL, PHP Smarty, Java Script, XHTML...
Simple Cards Game
This is very small simple cards game, where you must guess the couples of matching images with text. On each game start - all cards are random selected and dynamic loaded (with the text). You have a time counter. Tech: Macromedia Flash 8
Dalkia is multi-language site with search engine and administration panel. Dalkia is very big company - heating plant.
Tech: PHP, PHP Smarty, MySQL, XHTML, CSS

This is Flash Multiplayer game which is Flash Media Server Application.In the game has unlimited number of game rooms, and in each room can play maximum 2 players. Also in the game has a simple chat. For the moment I do not have Flash Media Server hosting, so you can not see how it works (for now)
Tech: Flash 8 and Flash Media Server Scripting.

Grandfather and turnip
This is software package for children, who contains 9 games and animation by the story for Grandfather and the turnip. Tech: Flash Action Script , Macromedia Director Lingo, Photoshop...
The Wheat Cake
Software package for children. Contains 12 games and one animation by the hostory. Tech: Flash - Action Script, Macromedia Director - Lingo, XML, Photoshop...
Mathematics 1
Software package for children. It is contains 6 games with admin panel for controlling them. Tech: Flash - Action Script, MS Fox Pro, XML, Photoshop,...
This is web site of TV broadcast named "Windows". There you can find many information about the TV broadcast
Tech: PHP, mySQL, Adobe Photoshop, XHTML... This site is written by web standarts.

This is online system for acquaintances.This system contains 3 modules
1-Online system with Video Chat
2-Desktop Application (like icq), for checking new messages and virtual kisses and using video chat.
3-WAP version for mobile phones and palm devices (
Tech: Macromedia Flash, MDM Zinc, XML , PHP, XHTML, JS, WML, mySQL and more...

This is the site of my town - tryavna, created by me. The site is build by web standarts. Contains six languages, interactive map, photo gallery and more...
Tech: Macromedia Flash, php, mySQL, XML, XHTML. Also contains CMS.

SOU Tryavna History
This is project for my high school history. Interactive project with many information, galleryes, pictures, chronicles and more... Tech: Macromedia Flash 8, MDM Zinc 2.5
Tryavna Presentation
This is Presentation of Tryavna, which include Video, audio, voice, photo gallery and more...This is created for SIEMENS
Tech: Macromedia Flash, Adobe Photoshop, CoolEdit Pro, HTML, Ulead Video Studio...
CD/DVD Lock/Unlock
CD/DVD Lock/Unlock is a very small desktop application which can lock ot unlock your CD, so it is good solution if you want to disable CD-ROM drive for some people, and use onli you. The main principle is the same like Nero cd locking when you burn disc.
Tech: Macromedia Flash 8, MDM Zinc 2.5, Bass technology.
D6 mp3 Studio 1.0
D6 mp3 Studio is desktop application, which contain two modules: -D6 mp3 Player (Some Like Win Amp) -D6 mp3 Mixer (Program for mixing songs) Tech: Macromedia Flash, MDM Zinc, Adobe Photoshop...
Site of my school 'P.R.Slavejkov', which contain all information for the school and very usefull links and pictures.
Tech: Macromedia Flash, HTML, XML